Women in Packaging and Manufacturing is a network of women with proficiency in producing, packaging and marketing a product. Collectively our Packaging team offers a wide range of partnered services, including custom machinery, strategic planning, branding, package design, carton printing set up boxes, label printing, marketing, photography advertising and public relations. We strive to be a competent and complete solution to the Manufacturers in our group who gain knowledge and invaluable resources by sharing experiences with each other and utilizing combined expertise.

Oh and hey... we are a fun bunch a gals! This is an invitation only group specializing in various industries like food, beverage, beauty, etc.

If you are interested, please contact Kim Scott at kim@twistdesigngroup.com to find out more about our group and the next event!


The mission of Women in Packaging and Manufacturing is to advance product manufacturing within the State of Colorado by introducing a resource of experienced supply chain providers. Through networking and information sharing, we connect and create reliable relationships by offering exceptional partnered services.

We are looking to grow this group and continue to create a vibrant, dynamic, knowledge-based resource & networking group for women. Please feel free to invite other women business owners & entrepreneurs who are producing and packaging food products, consumer goods, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and general packaged goods.

If you are hitting an obstacle and need a specific resource or solution to your packaging dilemma, please contact Ali Schinkten or check the Member Directory on our site.